I am tired , very tired .
My fiancé doesn’t give me that “assurance” of being the man in our relationship.

Okay, so we met about 7 years ago but we didn’t start dating until 2016.
We had issues , broke up and got back together. I officially took him to my parents in 2018 and expected him to do same.
But till today he keeps saying he would do that when he has the time.
Last year August , I was proposed to and accepted although I would have preferred to have met his family before the whole proposal thing. (I have talked to them on phone but that still doesn’t sit well with me)

Anyway, I went home this December and my parents were bugging me about when introduction was gonna be(been engaged for over 5 months now?).

I sent him a long message asking for details because he keeps waving the question . How do you even begin planning wedding without intro first?
He got angry and has not spoken to me for over a week now. I feel he thinks I am pressurizing him and has decided to keep to himself.

Honestly, I am thinking of returning his ring because I cannot come and have hypertension over this love matter.

Did I do anything wrong?


  1. He should get serious with you if the truly loves your person. Be sure he’s not seeing someone else too… Just suggesting tho

    Good morning… Sending you a hug 🤗🤗


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