Upside down

Why do guys lie so much ? It doesn’t cost to be honest ! You meet a girl, quiet, pretty, beautiful body and smart. You have a girlfriend but you lie just to woo the girl, and make her feel wanted. You have sex, still holding that lie ! You keep in contact for a bit and then go ghost ! You reconnect, have sex again and blatantly tell the girl . “Im considering reconnecting with my ex” .She cuts you off immediately , you come back into her life again , have sex again , then admit to having a girlfriend but claim you still want this pretty girl in every way . After all these years she’s still in your mind!! She cuts you off, goes ghost, and you go crazy and start calling her names because she cut you off . A cycle of three years! That silly girl is me. but I’ve grown, and he’ll probably want me forever but he’ll never have access to me again . Sometimes I feel stupid and naive but I’m no more 20 . Things are different now.

One comment

  1. Sorry dearie… Some men are scum. I said some”. Be a good girl that you are, someone, somewhere will appreciate your person some day. I’m Dave, my snap is d_scott22019
    Have a good day


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