I’ve been married for six years now with no child. I love my husband no doubt but it’s obvious there’s no love in his heart for me again. Even learnt he is planning to divorce me. I’m so sad right now. I don’t want to be alone. Can someone tell please tell him I’m not barren. I need help . What do I do?


  1. Yes, you are not barren. My question is, have gone for medical test? Like both of you have gone to see the doctor? If yes, wait upon the Lord, tho it may tarry but God can come later to give the latest. Put your trust in Him. And please pray for your husband, he might be listening to friends and all of that.

    God help you dearie. I’m Dave

  2. Just like David said.., you may not be barren.., the issue might even be from him.
    I suggest you consult medical professionals for advice.

    Don’t ever be scared of being alone., if he ever decides to leave you just know he wasn’t worth you after all, and you’ll do perfectly fine on your own.

    Happiness in Marriage should never be centered on reproduction

  3. Yea… You’re right. She should be scared of staying alone. I know it’s not easy but Las Las you will be fine.

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