I met a married man 3 years ago. He told me he really likes me and wants to marry me. I asked why he’s married and will tell me that. Truth is I really like him , he was all I wanted in a man . He’s financially sound but 3 years younger than his wife . She got pregnant when they were dating and they got married (confirmed from their anniversary date) we kept talking and one thing led to the other. This love I felt was soo strong I was willing to give up anything to be with him. Everything between us felt like I had met my soul mate. He couldn’t let me go no matter how we both agreed to stay away from each other. We did everything together and most of his family knows me because I go for his family gatherings. My family knows him because he always visit us(they don’t know he’s married) we virtually do everything like a couple. Now his wife has agreed that they both go their separate ways and he want to engage me this year as they go through their divorce process. Now I am scared. I feel guilty Even though he always tells me I didn’t cause the breakup because he was never faithful to her even when they were dating. Truth is this guy has never cheated on me. I have his password and bank codes. I know his movement inside out. Sometimes I feel he’s my soulmate . He treats me soo well and is very supportive. I am a working class woman with a good job. Am in my 30’s and ready for marriage. Please I need your advice . Should I go ahead and marry him? For some reasons I feel he’s genuine but on the other side I feel bad.

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  1. He seems to be the right man for you but I need you to pray about it. Like he said, don’t feel guilty, you are not the cause of the break up, okay? Have a good day.

    Send me invitation for the wedding😜 I’m Dave

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