I was a virgin till i turned 19 but after my moms death , i felt i had nothing else to lose in life because it really broke me . I lost my virginity to my boss who promised my naive mind heaven on earth at that time and ever since then i feel so guilty because the shame and guilt outweighs all the benefits . I am slowly losing it and worst part is that when ever he comes to me i always succumb diving deeper into the sin am committing . I wonder what’s wrong with me . I am no longer close to God i barely go to church anymore i rarely have time for myself, friends and family . I don’t even know what i do with my time and my long distance relationship with my boyfriend isn’t helping at all. I really need help .

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  1. That sad… I think he took advantage of you. But it’s OK… Just learn to resist him any time he comes around. Like, let your NO be No… And please move closer to God, He will direct your path. I’m David, you can reach me on snap d_scott22019 Have a splendid Tuesday

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