My heart hurts. I made the decision to let go of a situation that had no value to me. Some guys are really heartless, how many times do you have to hurt someone to realize that they’re human just like you. This guy made me believe we could be something. We had sex, he went back to his ex but wouldn’t leave me alone. A year later he contacts me, tries to make amends and I hear him out. We slept together again and the feelings came back but it’s clear to me that he was hiding a lot more than I realized. I’ve gone ghost! This time, for good! Memories of me will continue to linger in his mind but he will have no more access to me. Never again! No looking back. I think I’ll be okay in a few months. This story is dated back to 3 and a half years. So many twists and turns. It’s time to close this chapter forever.

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