Story! Story!!

Here I am laughing hysterically. Dec 2019 He claimed his parents prayed and said we can’t be together and he claimed to also fast and pray about this and he dreamt of us fighting and I wanted to pick a knife. I try my possible best to avoid fights and arguments so I was surprised a d shooed to the marrow when he spilled those words from his Mouth & here I am finding out in Jan 2020 he got married a week after he dropped the bombshell. He blocked me on every social media platform, Well his way of not making me find out.I found out still. All I can say is a big thank you.
My instincts don’t fail. I knew something was wrong when you came telling me this message. What happened to being truthful.
What happened to saying things as it is.
What happened to being honest. You wanna have sex, spill it, just friends spill it and hold nothing back. Rather than claiming to be serious but spiritual consequences wouldn’t let you go with the flow.
You even lied with God’s name
Thank you over and over again and I wish you a blissful beginning in your marriage.

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