Everyone is so focused on chasing money to the point that we don’t appreciate the little things around us . The fact is we are human and people die every second around the globe . No matter your situation try your best to enjoy the little things in life, we would all make it, eventually everything’s going to fall into place . People are travelling all over the world, buying latest cars and jewelries yeah we know . People are also in the hospitals right now with nothing but machines keeping them alive , buying oxygen . You’re alive and well, do what it is that makes you happy . For instance I’m not rich, surely i want to become a billionaire someday and I’m praying for God’s blessing , which i know definitely someday I’ll think back and smile . Right now what is it that makes me happy…movies, videogames, food , music . I cherish every moment of me doing all these activities and it makes me happy . My motto is living life to the fullest, enjoying the little things in life . Get up from that depressed state, what do you love, what makes you happy . Do it . Don’t give depression a place in your soul because trust me eventually one day you will recieve your own blessing and it’ll be a miracle, a dream come true . I love y’all and God loves you more…

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