This guy used me . It’s so painful, I’ll never forgive myself for being played. I’m sure I saw the signs but I ignored, after chasing me for two years. We had sex, the next day he ignored all the messages I sent. I’ll never forgive myself, what a way to start 2020. But guys this is 2020 if you want sex only just state it tbh you don’t know if she’ll be interested in all that . Stop promising relationships and things just to get in ladies pants. Girls need love too, just tell her you wanna fuck she might want to fuck you too with no strings attached. I’m so hurt. This January is gonna be solemn! he probably did it to get back at me for turning down his advances for years I’m sure . Thank you . God bless you. You screwed me over. Ladies when you turn a guy down , don’t go back o . Never go back to your vomit.

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