A girl yes.

I cut a friend off last year. Since we became friends she was just a bearer of bad news. She always had the latest gist especially about what she heard about me. This was years ago though but it was just tough being friends with her back then and I told her but we just left it. Each time she started with “I have to tell you something” I just had anxiety. I couldn’t breathe, my heart would start beating so fast. This went on for like two years. Guys would use this girl as a medium to get to me. And then there’s this man I stopped talking to that she was friends with also (I told her though) . She called me up one day and asked me where I was in an urgent tone that she was coming to my apartment and then I found out she was bringing him. Then she never apologizes for what she does if she feels she is not wrong even if you explain to her why it is wrong! .You’ll be angry on your own and she would just send a meme or a funny tweet so you guys can forget about what happened instead of apologizing smh. My boyfriend doesn’t like her aura anyways, he feels like she’s two faced and that’s how I feel sometimes . It’s like she doesn’t do all these on purpose ehn but I can’t be making excuses for her . She finally got a boyfriend after all these years and I asked for his picture , at least lemme see him . She was just saying later up and down smh. She sent me a message and called . I was busy at that time but I texted her back when I was free only for her to leave me on read and be posting smh. Cut her off ASAP . She wished me merry xmas and I ignored, sent a photo or a tweet I ignored, liked my picture on Instagram and followed me I ignored, sent me happy new year I replied oo out of pity only for her to leave me on read again and unfollow me and unlike my picture . lmao. Sorry , I just needed to rant. I mean I have my flaws too though, but I can’t deal with this anymore.

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