Lost in my feelings

This isnt exactly a secret but I could also call it a secret because I feel like people will always misunderstand me.
I need an intervention guys and your opinion .
So a while ago I went to a party , an Halloween party to be precise and in the heat of the party we played a game of truth or dare . I was dared to take a guy’s dick in my mouth for a few seconds and if I couldn’t perform the dare , I either take a full cup of alcohol or chew on some raw pepper .
The dare seemed like the best option so I did it and I made it known to everyone there that it only happened because it was a game so they don’t act all stupid especially the guys .
My boyfriend knew about the party so when I got home I told him about the game but I didn’t give him the details about the dare because I was probably ashamed and scared it would cause a fight or I would be misunderstood . I only told him we played a game of truth or dare and it was freaky .

Now fast forward to the earlier hours of today . I was questioning him about something and he dropped a bombshell on me and was like “who have I given a blowjob in the last couple of months”.
Saying someone told him about it.
My mind didn’t even go there because it was a stupid game but then I was talking about some other thing and it clicked in my head and I told him that sebi its from the truth or dare game I told you about .
Yes , before you chastise me I know it wasn’t hygienic and all . It was stupid but I felt it was just a game .
Now he is giving me attitude but denying it , saying I am the one cooking it in my head .
Please guys what do i do?
I have apologized to him and I couldn’t sleep all through when I was at his place last night .
This stupid issue spoilt the whole plans we made for the last few days of this year and I don’t know what to do right now.

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