I go online and I see too much pain and dis-stress from married women and single men. While married men and single women are all having the fun alone. Mostly in Nigeria. Why is that so? Women want to settle down but they don’t have knowledge of the contract they get involved in . (MARRIAGE). After kids and chemistry ends between spouses . This married women end up being ill in every aspect , emotionally, mentally, physically and so on. The husbands secretly gets involved in an open relationship while the wife seats back and looks like an egg. The 21st century generation is filled with a lot of sexual orientations, and I presume this is where the problem lies. Open marriage, open relationship, cock-old, swinging, discreet relationship, sharing etc should be embraced. At the end a man’s reward in life is not more than food,sleep and sex. Anything else you get is just to make those 3 more fun. Ciao .

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