I am 21 and i experienced a very painful heart break recently . I loved this guy very much and he loved me equally the first few months we started dating . He had relocated to Abuja and barely had time for me. I took it as part of the settling down process .
I would bring out my time to call him when i knew he wasn’t at work and if i call sometimes he would say ;my oga is calling or any of his family members. He would say i will call u back but he won’t . Distance became a problem, we talked about solving the problem and we agreed i will be coming over soon since he couldn’t but it didn’t work out for reasons am still confused about . We started having issues which he would say my anger is like wild fire(hot tempered) but i was working on it already and i thought being ‘my boyfriend’ would help me work on the anger stuff .
Did i mention we met through a friend?? I didn’t want to fall in love with him because i had a boyfriend at that time (judge me if you want) . I couldn’t handle this guy anymore so i broke up. Lol, i thought nigga would come after me but he didn’t . I tried deleting his number but he chatted me up and said he noticed i deleted his contact. He would send me texts saying i loved him so much and that was part of the problem. He is dating someone else now which is good but i can’t get him off my head. I do really want to forget about him and concentrate on my present relationship.

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