I am still sexually active, I am a woman that’s still in her prime, i am young and i am horny as fu*k but my husband the man i call my husband doesn’t give it to me the way that satisfies me. I like it rough, i like it hardcore. I also like it when it’s a handsome young guy banging me, that alone makes me wet first of all. But my husband oh he’s older than me and he’s weak. I have cheated on him countless times and those times were the happiest moment of my life. I have no regerets. I love it when am getting some good banging oh i love it so much so I don’t have no regrets at all. I just wish my husband will stop being so overprotective and insecure. If you can’t satisfy your woman then why don’t you let her get it somewhere? Does he want me to starve to death from lack of good sex? How can i freely keep cheating on him without him finding out? I need a very smooth plan. Advice and criticism is allowed!

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