I hardly give someone my all, also I find excuses in every guy I try to date or that crosses my path. Then I found one and I was just too sure of everything . I actually gave my all and opened all of me to him, even made my parents know I am with someone lmao . But lately he is showing some funny traits .I spoke to him about it but he said I am accusing wrongly and all defensive. Right now I am just trying to find faults in him and I can’t find any. I am scared of getting hurt so I choose to distance my self slowly and think of the worst that can happen . We are just months away to being a year together. Am I being paranoid cause I can sense fuck up will soon happen from his side. Although he claims I am like this because I don’t trust him but when you trust someone the way I do with him it becomes scary. Right now I know I really need positive energy cause I know I am depressed and this situation i found my self recently is not helping. I keep on loosing people I love to death and now this. I really can’t talk to any of my friends about this cause the way I carried my guy in their presence they feel he is so perfect but he is slowing dropping him self from the standard I placed him. I am crying inside and it is killing me

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