Dee babe

I met my first love when I was 16 after I graduated from secondary school . Due to the love I had for him, I applied for admission in the same university he was. I got admitted though . On my way to sch I got raped and was really depressed , he asked for sex several times, I refused until I finally agreed. He feels he had sex with me but on a very serious note I don’t feel I had sex with him cos he couldn’t penetrate me and I told him to let me be. I didn’t feel anything , all his friends believe I had sex with him but my spirit is really telling me I didn’t cos I pushed him away afraid his condom will break , I was really naive then, I was just 18. He broke up with me and started dating someone else. I caught him having sex with a girl he said was his friend while we were dating. I really hate him and at the same time I wish I could defend myself by saying I didn’t have sex with him. Now we are friends on Facebook, I haven’t chatted with him for once but most times I feel should so that I could use that opportunity to defend myself. Or what do you think? I hate being humiliated.

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