Displeased unemployed boyfriend

I was blown away by your beauty and your composure , got adapted to you real quick and fixed a date to see . We yearned for each other like lovers miles apart .
Hurriedly came this fateful day and we had limitless fun , the spark was there so was the hint of the kind of woman you are but I refused to take note .
If you could fall this cheap to me, you could to another🤷🏽‍♂️ . There and then, your attitude surfaced because I didn’t meet up to expectations .
You tried to get rid of me but it was too difficult for you .
You blame me on little things, she complains like a witch . I had to disassociate myself from female friends all because commitment has a price but you’re not ready to pay those prices . You believe I had to live with them when it’s obvious I despise such .
My opinion doesn’t matter as long as it’s social media even when it was breaking us apart .
Until last night when you did the unthinkable and still stood your ground like it’s no big deal .
There I came to the conclusion that I’ve been a fool without direction .
I gave it my all but it ain’t worth it afterall🙁

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