A millennial

I’m so glad I found your page on Instagram today. I really needed a platform like this. I have been feeling really down lately most especially today. My birthday is coming up on the 8th of December , it’s my 20th birthday and I guess I’m scared of turning 20, I really loved being a teenager and I feel like I wasted my teenage years, I mean I have never even kissed someone before, now I’m torn between kissing before my birthday so I can say I did it while I was a teenager or not doing it so I can say I didn’t while I was a teenager. I know this is very imature. That’s not even what is getting me down the most, I just found out the Thanksgiving service at the church my aunt owns is on my birthday, my dad said we are all going, it’s nice because my aunt might dash me money ( and I love money😁) but it also means that they might make it such a big deal, I’m not really a person that hates attention but when it comes to my birthday I kinda do and besides I don’t attend that church I have only been there once and don’t want to be in a spotlight in front of a lot of strangers, and I feel like I haven’t achieved anything which is dumb because I’m still pretty young. I guess what I’m really upset about is getting old and it doesn’t help that I’m sorta the oldest among my friends so even when I was feeling sad I couldn’t go to any of them because I feel none of them can relate, which is why I’m glad I found this platform, ok enough ranting, I feel better already, thanks 😁

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