I was not born into a wealthy family but my parents are not poor either , although it wasn’t rosy all the time . Growing up I realized I don’t like to beg for money from friends or bf . It’s not just my thing , I don’t do it . I find it very difficult to beg even from my close aunt or uncle . I am a one man squad . Even when I’m starving its so bad that even people around me won’t know I don’t have a kobo , not even my bf . Sometimes I use to think its not normal . My friends take money from their bf and some are even on allowances . If I ever asked you for money , just know I am in my lowest and basically it’s for my academics not feeding . But right inside of me , i want to experience all these monthly allawee thing too . lolz . A lady once told me some people are created just like that, like they are created with the heart of a man . They don’t beg from men or people around, its not pride. Looking forward to a great future and a good marriage. See yah.

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