Charlotte (code name)

I have this girl that I love so much I could literally ,I mean literally take a bullet for her. She loves me too , more of she cares about me a lot. There’s another guy in the picture who attends her church, quite older. They are very close and the guy loves her.
This is not about me but about her

She broke up with her ex some years back on the basis that they can’t work, practicaly she had a message from her church when she was very little and even when she became older that she is to marry from her church.(must)

So I met her after she broke up,she told me everything, literally opened up to me about everything and I felt her pain ,I felt the pain behind the decision. She was really hurt and down. I had to be there for her, I had to help her back to her feet. She is a beautiful ,well mannered, industrial girl that never gives up.

So I fell in love, it was mutual we started seeing each other , not defined. It wasn’t a boyfriend and girlfriend thing. It was intimate. We did practically everything together and our worlds revolved around eachother.

Then this guy from her church shows up and they started talking and one thing led to another they started bonding.

It affected me tbvh, I had always thought it was just gonna be me but I knew she wouldn’t date me,she made that clear. Of course I’m not from her church tho I’m irresistible.
I was scared that he was from the church and he was smart ,brilliant and older, everything she ever wanted.

So this guy after a year wants to date her but she said no, she was consistent with her no,I was amazed.
I repeatedly told her on different occasions if she wants to go for the guy and if I’m the one inbetween them that I’ll understand if she picks him over me. She didn’t.

It has been difficult for her because we both mean something to her, losing one of us is going to cause her a mental breakdown and I dont want that for her. I love her so much too.
If I have a chance I’ll marry her

Obviously she’s scared of losing him and I guess losing me.


She doesn’t use connotare but I hope she’d see the comments.

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