So I’ve been dating this guy for four years and all along he has been cheating on me . There was a time I saw a used condom in his pocket , another time a girl told him she was pregnant for him , another time I saw nude pictures of some girls on his phone , another time he slept with a random prostitute and this idiot gave me STD . I always forgave him with the stupid mindset that I have that how am I going to move on . The last one he did I caught him red handed in bed with another lady . The stupid me still forgive him . So we continued the relationship but I noticed recently that this guy is just a manipulator . He blames me for everything . I guess he does that just to make me feel guilty and all . Yesterday , i gathered the strength to tell him I’m no longer interested in the hell I called a relationship . I’m free now and I’m happier and you know what . MEN ARE FUCKING SCUM!