I have been dating someone for close to four years now . He loves me so much and I do too but now it seems like everything is falling apart now . I cheated on him years back then I felt guilty then I told him , so ever since then he’s been having insecurities . Then he started being overprotective which I don’t like which later resulted in him hitting me but each time he does things like that he begs me sincerely I forgive him . It kept happening which resulted me in having an affair again because I kept feeling guilty . Please note , I cheated because he’s been hitting me . Although the person I cheated with was a good guy and wanted a relationship with me too but because I still love my boyfriend I turned him down . He hit me again and again and again . Now the problem is now affecting me so bad now that I’m so scared that what if we finally end up together what will become of me . Please I need advice .