Unconventional Gay Girl

I’m so confused, I love her so much but then I hate myself. My world revolves around her, every moment we are on my phone chatting ,talking. I don’t ever go a day without speaking to her but I’m dying inside. She’s marrying a guy she doesn’t love, who cheats and doesn’t see the angel she is. I knew what I was getting into being a dirty little secret but it hurts every second she spends with him. If I have her over for 4days she goes to him for 2days, and I don’t want to sound selfish but I still don’t like it. The fool thinks we are best friends, trying to be close to me as per my babes only friend but nigger doesn’t know how much I hate his guts, I’m so jealous that he can walk around with her, kiss her and take her on dates publicly while I have to make do and hide around with her most of the time. He’s a complete idiot that doesn’t know what he has and I wish I was more fortunate to take her away from him and leave the country. Do you know how it feels when the love of your life brings you to family events and you have to act like a friend. Her family invites me seeing that we are close and I come around to watch her and the boyfriend play around. Well she’ll be married soon and I hope she’ll be strong enough for it, I love her but I’ve got to let her go. Maybe in my next life I’ll be lucky enough to be with her.

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