So there’s one of my friends that was accommodated by a guy when she had an accommodation issue early this year after she came out from camp . She fell in love with this guy not knowing that the guy was dating somebody already. By the time the guy’s girlfriend visited , she had sorted out her accommodation issues and gotten out . The guy promised that he was going to break up with his girlfriend and be with her and true to his word he actually did so . During this visit the guy’s girlfriend got careless and got pregnant but the guy did not even care . Now my friend picked up the guys phone and not even considering how the guy’s girlfriend feels , started sending childish messages that he didn’t make a mistake picking her over this other girl because she is simple-minded blah blah blah . Like why would you even want to be with a guy that will disrespect the girl he impregnated just to be with you . What makes you think its going to be different with you and I’ve tried talking to her but she just doesn’t want to listen . Like put yourself in this girl shoes . You should be fixing another woman’s crown not pulling her down . I just pushed her aside . Our friendship isn’t worth it if she feels comfortable pulling down another woman just for penis .

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