Hi y’all . So here is the other side of the story . Emotionally effed up girl is more than I could handle . In the beginning it was beautiful , suddenly everything changed when I slapped her over a disagreement . I apologized . I think I loved her back then . I was crazy about her in fact . She was really down for me but anger issues made me lose control severally and I got violent . She didn’t respect me as a woman should respect a man . I got insulted regularly . She travelled to meet her dad in since last August and early this year I met a girl who showed me things I was missing . She made me happy , respected me and understood me . At least she tried . I wasn’t in love with her though . My girl found out about it when she got back and I was tired of her at that point , I thought we could fix it but she kept travelling since we stay in different locations . This new girl kept making me feel good and the last time I and effed up girl visited me we fought over the way I blatantly disrespected her . Though I didn’t see it that way because I stopped caring . In that moment I said heartbreaking things like I dated her out of pity and I never loved her the way I love this new girl. I like to think that’s a lie . She is innocent but was a real pain in the butt sometimes. We were a toxic pair.🙁

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