What’s really wrong with love/relationships lately? You see someone you connect with or so you think and you guys get down to knowing each other before the infatuation seeps in . Suddenly all the wooing gets old and you guys are promising forever and shit to each other, already naming ur kids, making plans for the future which is bleak but you can’t see it because you’re so sure that this love will stand the test of time and distance. Ignoring the saying that no one knows tomorrow , you’re making plans as a pair, the operative pronoun being “we”. Forgetting that people wake up feeling differently everyday. It sucks really badly when those kind of relationships end, extracting yourself slowly and painfully from something you thought was going to be forever because you guys were madly in love. 😏Only to discover you’ve been replaced while you were busy building castles in the sky . Why promise forever when the next day isn’t even sure ? That thing hurt like a bitch back then but thank God I barely feel it anymore except when the memories kick in . When I get a whiff of his cologne, remember what his laughter sounds like, all the play fights, roasting sessions, dates, the times I cried to him and he comforted me and made me smile, tolerated my tantrums and spoke my love language . Hmm really good times. Then comes the sad smiles. I’m not crying buckets and feeling needles in my heart anymore. Though i had my best memories with him and was really looking forward to marrying him . But clearly the universe planned differently . I don’t want to be madly in love with anybody’s child again . Sanely and sensibly in love would do.

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  1. Hmmm… Only that the next guy would have to be calm so he’d tolerate you. I mean it’s not gonna be easy for him. You would like to see your ex in him but it doesn’t work that way.

    I’m Dave, in case you wanna talk, hit me d_scott22019 on snap. Peace ✌️

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