Part 3 of my life story
Hmmm life they say at one stage you will feel as if it has finished, the other stage you will feel loved.
Life as really taught me a lesson I will never forget but deep down me I always think I am dying inside me . I just wanna live a good life.
I went to work today and few hours later my chest pain started . Been battling with chest pain since I was nine and I will be twenty three next month . Dad thought it was asthma all because he has asthma and to me I don’t think so because there was a day I was treated for asthma and I felt as if I was not treated at all .
I really can’t say how the chest pain happen and instead of the pain to decrease , it increases . That’s why I do feel very soon I am going to pack because deep down inside me I can’t take the pain anymore.
Why is it only me in my family experiencing these : rape,useless,sex addict,health issues . I have always begged God to please take my life , even some times I fast but I am still alive . Wait what’s the main purpose of me being alive when one can’t achieve anything ?
Thank you all for the comment it really makes me happy.

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