The third part of my life story :
After I dropped out of Olabisi Onabanjo University, my parents didn’t still understand the reason I dropped out and my dad exactly , he thinks I am a bad child(just wish I can kill that man) . I later found out that my dad has another daughter and he accepted the daughter because he thought I will soon die . Why will a father wish death for his first fruit ? I went back to my nursing training but that didn’t stop me from drinking or smoking because right now that’s the only friend that understands me better . As I was saying when I went back to my nursing job , I fell In love with one beautiful lady and I love her so much because she is the only one that turns me on and satisfies me sexually . Presently I am an aromatic , ulcer patient but that does not stop me from drinking and smoking . Lest I forget , I have been having this chest pain for thirteen years now and that is the reason my dad wishes me dead . I will be twenty three next month on the nineteenth of October. I just might be dead before that day and No one will wish me happy birthday (even my dad). I just wish I can say all this to my dad or make him read it.

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