After being abused at the age of eight , my dad came back from the states when I was nine years old and I wanted to tell him but he never gave me listening ears . I got into university at the age of sixteen and that’s when I started smoking , drinking and I became a sex addict . I never finished school and I dropped out when I was in 300 level .
When I came back home I went for nursing training but did not finsh because I wanted to go back to school . I then enrolled in Olabisi Onabanjo University(diploma).
When I started my diploma , I fell in love with a guy and we lived as couple . He loved me so much but I always hurt him by sleeping with different guys . But it was my fault that whenever I come back home from school I always have the urge for sex and the distance was far. So I always look for someone close by and he later knew and got at me . But at last he broke with me.
If I should count how many guys have had sex with , it should be greater than or equal to sixty guys . But it was not my fault . I just can’t control my sexual urge .

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