I am bisexual, I left my girlfriend for few reasons which I believe is out of it. She got pregnant for someone and aborted it. I was pained by that but I understood why she did that but I didn’t want to accept it too. I’m dating two different guys, one is in lag and the other isn’t . Dated one for over 4years now and the other is just gonna clock a year soon. Mr A which is my 4yrs boyfriend doesn’t want to accept I am BI but Mr B which is the other guy accepts but not fully which I know, since he gets jealous over it sometimes. But I love being with a lady and I miss being with one badly. I don’t want to go back to my Ex. Tried having sex with Mr B but my sexual urge wasn’t high like it use to be with him anymore. He got worried and asked is it because I’ve been with a lady lately, I know it’s because of that but couldn’t say Yes. Had sex with Mr A lately but my sexual urge was ok, in fact I squirted 3 times, lol. I was shocked tho, because I was thinking of getting a lubricant soon since I tend to get dry easily lately.
Not here for an advice but here to share my secrets.

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