Unconventional Gay Girl

I’m irrevocably in love with my best friend, she’s the best thing that my life has seen and I love her so much. Unfortunately I know we can’t be together forever but I can’t help but still hold on. Every thing about her is beautiful even the sex. She has a fiancé and I’m trying so hard to learn to let go before she ties the knot but shit is harder than I imagined. It is like finding someone that loves you both the good and the bad and she continues to love me even when I know I can be difficult. I stopped smoking and doing drugs all thanks to her and I can’t be more grateful. I’m leaving the country next year and I won’t be back for a very long time and yet I can’t see myself leaving her. The moment the topic of separating comes up , we end up so broken and she keeps reassuring me that everything would turn out good but how can she be so sure. She’s the best. Everything including sex that I’ve ever had, I can’t imagine not kissing her or playing with her hair, kissing her head, or the feel of her skin against mine. It’s so magical and no matter how much this country is against such union I believe that such feelings could never be an abomination. How can it be a sin when the thought of her is the first thing on my mind every morning, holding hand, talking etc it’s all so beautiful like a fantasy dream that I wish to never wake up from. What will I do without her

One comment

  1. If she truly loved you she wouldn’t be with another man rather she would fight to travel with you abroad where you would be free to marry her, I hate the fact that you girls are trying to ruining another woman’s son for your selfish gains you are not thinking about the effect it will have on him if he finds out she’s lesbian. You’re a bunch of selfish people that’s not what LGBT community stands for, the community stands for truth, love and peace being free to love who you want a unicorn stands for peace but you are not giving that man a choice to love who he wants he’s in love with a lie let him marry a straight woman the same way you want to marry your gay girlfriend. After taking away the right to choice from him you two expect to be happy may whoever you love break your hearts there’s no justification for your actions.

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