I hate this feeling.

I am here again to bare out my heart…It has happened again just cos i only wanted him to acknowledge my texts more or calls,and i understood that he is always busy and gets distracted easily….I have had my heart smashed again but what i felt for him was really true and deep if not i would have moved on by now…So please am being sincere here cause this is probably the only thing that would not made me think of unthinkable things..I need a guy who is tall and a little bit built(Will Smith kind of stature),between 27 and 30 years,please be well to do and financially stable(am not d demanding type of lady),be fun to talk to or goofy and funny…i am an understanding person,kind,blunt,goofy,adventurous,a sanguine,i run a small fashion business,am not demanding financially but i cld ask occcasionally,i am 23,i can be annoying sometimes or petty but i am a rare gem and wld be ur cheerleader anyday anytime as long as u wld do d same for me..BE SINGLE AS I dont want drama with ur babe…i want to meet a new guy who would spark my interest for friendship and if chemistry happens along the line,so be it…..this isnt a rebound…..if u r down to spark something,i wld be in d comments section.

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