I had a relationship with someone who was already spoken for though he dint tell me early on.later he told me they were engaged but I had fallen too deep to back out.his babe found out and pleaded that I should leave her relationship but I refused.i got pleasure from calling him when I knew they were together and telling him to come out since I knew I almost had him hook,line and sinker.they were sort of long distance though.as time went in he became more attached to me spent more nights with me even on his GFS birthday,one day she sent a text that she’s been through a lot and that he’s been physically assaulting 
that she hopes I get the same treatment though I don’t think that’s likely because this guy is all about me he’s really in love with me he virtually stays with me .now we are officially together ,is there a possibility he’ll do the same things he did to her to me because he ,does everything I ask him and shii.like I have his mumu button.i think I’m in love with this one.sometimes I feel bad though cos the ex is still friendly with his family and m not welcomed there.they still see when she’s around.thou he swears he loves me to death.i don’t feel bad or remorseful plus he says he never loved her.☺️☺️am I just plain daft to realize I’m convenient since I’m just serving there or is this the real deal,does he still have feelings for her?I’m sure he’s defiled her so many times to come to me so it must be real yh?

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