Yunno my mum is a good woman,she was down for my dad all through and lots more…My religion doesn’t forbid polygamy so ever since my dad married his second wife…We human my mum is supposed to be pained right? Buh she just doesn’t see how hard my dad sacrifices for us(especially the children) Their relationship haven’t been smooth for roughly 8 years now and he has not done anything worthy for her buh then he takes care of the house and give us the best at is capability but my mum kinda still keep complaining and referring back to the past😔…Growing up I had her kind of mentality towards my dad too but Now am an adult I know what’s up and how a lots of fathers are irresponsible out there and I can’t just but thank my dad for at least coming through for us….Lately whenever my mum complains I get pissed in my mind and I just want to shout at her to be thankful for all what he’s doing at least…I Just Want to tell she’s not forgiving coz if she is she wld have forgiven him for taking a new wife…She even compares my dad to his other friends who don’t have responsibilities up to him😤 The point is am I growing, Or maybe my past relationships is making me to be too soft and making me think lowly….a lot of thoughts going through my head lately😔

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