I turned 20 recently and realised how sad and lonely my life actually is. I’m a top notch introvert,but once I get really comfy I’m quite fun. The issue with me is,I’ve never gone out of my way to be friends with people. The few friends I have somehow like me and decided they wanted to be my friends, I’m always so quiet and never actually have anything to say,I’ve been told I’m a snub but what most people dont know is that I’m always trying so hard to say something but nothing ever comes. I was quite comfortable being alone and so quiet but recently people close to me have confessed they find it scary that I can be on my own for so long and not feeling the need to be around people. I also realised that despite living in lagos for the past 20 years,I really dont go out or know places. So this is me taking a risk and looking for friends,if anyone(introverts or extroverts) is interested in having a new friend,who they won’t mind going out with often,they should kindly signify in the comment section and I’ll be watching. I could be fun when I try to be..lol and oh! I’m female.

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