I love one of my bosses at work, but she won’t reciprocate. Shes single to stupor nd we really close. She brings me her single life problems and we work on it together. She went into hibernation some few weeks back coz some dude broke her heart, I was there all through for her, I cried in silence to see her that broken 💔. I can’t even tell her how I feel about her, I get so jealous even seeing other guys around her, she’s far ahead of me careerwise, agewise, everythingwise. All I keep doing is give her signs, she really cares about me but I think just as a friend and a shoulder she can rely and cry on. Sometimes I feel stupid, why am I even loving her. I always fantasize a future with her, growing old together with our kids But I think all it’ll ever be is just dreams that won’t happen in real life. Even though I don’t care what others might think, I still wouldn’t want people to say I followed her coz of the family she came from coz my own background is not all rosy. I love her from the depth of the seed that my heart grew out from, I really do, but maybe she’s way above my class coz if today a governor’s son is getting married to her, I really won’t be suprised coz that’s the class of family she came from. I don’t even own a car and she drives a beast of a car already. PS, everyone at work knows us together, some might even think I’m dating her, but I wish, all I’ve got is a wish. So sad 🙁

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