I need advice

I have a man who really loves me and cares about me..We have been together for a year plus now,going to two years…Now,he gave me some body heating which on thinking deeper,i think is true but I never really saw it that way.I just felt like I was being nice and friendly.
Now,I know it might require a lot of hard work but I don’t mind putting in the work required.
I wanna make this man proud to have me as a woman…He said I do some things sometimes that makes him disappointed in me.
How can I be that woman whom he would be proud of all the time?
How do I show him that I have values as a woman?
How do I make him see that I wanna be a better person for him?
How do I make him forget all my fuck ups and start afresh with a new me?
He loves me and I know it and he doesn’t hesitate to show it but I wanna make this guy proud of me,I wanna make him look back a couple of years from now and thank his stars that he gave me a chance to rebuild our relationship.