Been recording so many songs and seriously hoping to blow before I met a friend who promised to take me somewhere . He took me to one man deep in Ogun State . When we got there , to my surprise it was an herbalist . I was dumbfounded. The herbalist said he has made lots of famous musicians what they are today and if I also want to be famous that he will help me . At that point I told him I was not interested in being famous and I stood up to leave . As I was leaving he told me that in as much as I know his place, if I don’t come back in three days I will run mad . I left his place and out of fear quickly told my parents what happened when I got home . My parents were scared and they quickly called our Pastor . I started staying in church and on the second day I stared having symptoms of madness . After series of prayers I was okay . My parents decided to involve the police but for some strange reasons I could not remember the location . Even I can’t remember which of my friends I went there with . I don’t even know if we’re still friends and he knows what he did . Something must have been done to me to make me forget all these important details

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