I attend this Navy School in Nigeria and there is this officer that likes a female cadet and just because he saw her talking to me he decided to punish me . I tried explaining myself that I wasn’t hitting on her or anything but he did not listen. I was given a 25 liter keg to fetch drinking water for him and his roommates . Firstly the distance from the tap to his hostel was quite far and secondly his room was on the 2nd floor . After fetching the water , I remembered how pained i was and I decided to spit into the keg of water . I kept on spitting into the keg for more than 10 minutes until I was satisfied , then I carried the keg . Funny thing is I carried the keg with so much joy , it didn’t feel heavy and the distance wasn’t even far anymore . Before getting to his room I decided to add more saliva to it . When I finally got to his room and I dropped the keg , he gave me a cup and asked me to drink out of the water . He thought I fetched dirty water for them . I gladly drank the water , shebi it’s my saliva . Nothing do me . After drinking the water he asked me to go . I decided to stall pretending I was a bit tired to go so I could watch . He and his roommates were quite thirsty so I watched them drink my saliva . I left their room smiling .

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