So umm… I’m a young lad. I don’t know many things. Most times I feel I don’t know shit at all. I just have general knowledge and I don’t know how to be good at anything. I was real good at maths till I got into university. I don’t do sports anymore, I used to play like 6 and was real good at 2. I binge watch animes and series to numb out or zone away. I used to be addicted to porn but instead I just need my shit. I want to zone out of my sheer uselessness for real. I beat myself sometimes for that short ecstatic feel. But it’s what? 20 mins max?! 
Most peeps in class think I’m a guru (smart ass), but I’m a dumb fuck who’s GP keeps dropping. 
I’m not suicidal at all but I need something that’ll keep me going. I can’t think of doing drugs but loud doesn’t work.
I just want to be good at something and maybe just maybe have a good job.

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