Hello Connotare,

I saw your site yesterday and I decided to give this a try. Please keep me anonymous. I visited a friend of mine few months ago on the island in Lagos, Lekki to be precise. My friend stays with two of his friends, I had no problem with that so I visited him in order to give myself a break I had so much on my mind cos I just had an heartbreak so I needed to cool things off and get my head straight. I felt that was the best thing to do at that moment. My friend had everything in the house 24/7 light, PS4, WiFi, Netflix, Loud just think of it. It was really really fun up until the second night, we just finished playing game and I decided to call it a night because I was kind off like stoned and a bit tipsy so I retired, until suddenly I felt a tap on my leg so I woke up and looked at who tapped me at that point I felt like I was hearing double and seeing double cos normally my friend and I slept on the same bed, he was sitting with his two friends standing suddenly I heard my friend say answer them and don’t fight it, I was shocked about what was going on and I didn’t understand it until one of them tried to pull down my boxers cos I sleep in only boxers. I pleaded and tried to talk my way out of it but all proved abortive, sadly they had their way with me and my so called friend too. I felt sad, ashamed and felt less like a man. I left the house that night and stayed at an hotel. Few days later I don’t understand how it happened but I just noticed I wanted what happened to happen again and I’ve been really battling not to go back to the house. I really want it to happen again. I’ve not told anybody about this and I’ll like to stay anonymous

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