I really don’t know why he doubts me always,he is not always ready to listen to my explanations before he speaks to me,even when I do explain he doubts me or thinks am lying,always jumping to conclusions or saying things that I don’t have think of,i can agree am an ignorant girlfriend probably because I haven’t dated someone as serious minded as this with me,or probably I haven’t really dated guys as other girls do,i hope he understands me when we are about having an argument ,i truly love him and am willing to do any to keep this going,the worst of all he always tends to make me cry when we quarrel he insults me without hearing me out ,am willing to take all the insults he says to me because I really love him and have not basically loved someone like this before,the dignity I had for myself I gave it to me because I don’t want him to feel i ll leave and I don’t want to ever leave him because have already fallen really hard for him,he frustrates when I try to explain things to him,i love him,he doubts for almost all things,he believes i will change when I leave lag for sch,i only wish he knows I can never change because the depth of my love for him is really strong and see him in a very high esteem,i know things will get better for him financially because he is really an honest and committed person,i just pray he doesn’t let go of me with this his doubts or unable to trust me,I love him and am willing to do anything to keep him,i also pray he will be patient with me in getting to meet my mum because I know she will be so happy am still with me meaning he is a guy that truly loves her daughter

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