Connotare and @connotare (“Sites”) is owned and managed by connotare team.

The sites were launched in July 2019 . The sites are an archive of anonymous secrets, confessions and rants, you can relate to, submitted by real people, anonymously.


We advise our readers to keep an open mind as you scroll through our Sites. Content may not be advisable for general viewers due to explicit, NSFW, offensive, nature and may contain strong language. Viewer discretion is advised.

Please note that Connotare sites practices a NO-JUDGING POLICY. This is strictly a JUDGEMENT-FREE zone. Our aim is to help people vent, guide tortured or lost souls, NOT judge and criticise. We encourage people to help each other through advice and motivation instead of belittling.

We apologise for any dissatisfaction that may occur and would like to remind that we may not be able to satisfy every request, or demands there is, but we try to do the best in curating the Sites.


Where do I submit my secrets, confessions or rants?

You can click Share Your Secret to be directed to our Submission page.

Or you can follow these steps:

On Twitter or Instagram click on the link available in our profile description.

Please be reminded we will accept and review submissions made on our Submission Page ONLY. We accept submissions in English. Please use words or slangs that are easily understandable by the general public.

When will my submission be published?

The sites receive significant traffic. Since we will review each submissions before manually queuing it to post, it will take some time to carry out the process, depending on the submissions traffic. So, you may not see your submission published immediately upon submitting. 

Submitting multiple times or constantly nagging us with “When will I see my submission?” will NOT make a difference to the flow of queue. Please be patient and respect the logistics. We’re trying the best we can.

Why isn’t my submission published?

Every submission needs to comply with the terms and guidelines of the sites. If your submission did not fulfill any of the site terms, we solely reserve the right to refuse to publish the submission content on our discretion.

To ensure variety in our published posts, we will filter through the submissions and omit those that may be repetitive or derivative of nearest previous published contents.

Top Reasons Why A Post May Not Be Published

• Your post is about seeking a relationship or sexual partner

• Your post is offensive to Connoters

Please view our Terms for more details.

Do you know the identity of the user that submits the submission contents?

In compliance with our Privacy Policy, we ensure the anonymity of the user and do not require and information of the user on the Submission Page.

I have a question for the Connotare team. How do I ask them?

Visit our Contact page .

We will try to reply as soon as we can. Questions may be regarding the sites, general questions on the team, or any questions you would like us to discuss or help with.

For questions that you want us to discuss or help with, please tag it with #connotare

Please remember NOT TO SUBMIT ANY CONTENT ON OUR ASK PAGE. We will NOT entertain it.

Please note that Connotare will not be acquiring additional curators for the site.

Thank you for your support! Please continue supporting Connotare and @connotare

Connotare and @connotare