Scared sha , Sigh ! 😕

Omo Eyin Ara Conn I pansh one babe today she just waka crayfish enter my DM and I control her over to my apartment. Story short as I Dey knack tatata papapa E Dey reach her inbox, the babe self Dey gbadun d knacking as Idan wey Sabi, I no know say CD don burst. The babe was letting me know that my CD has bursted because seems she’s feeling my gbola flesh in her already but I no hear because I Dey tatata her pelu doggy style in between her ass na die and baba don CUM inside her already still Dey dance ontop pussy Fuck 🤦🏾‍♂️. Naso I rush commot my P MAN say omo Ola I don fuck because CD never burst at work before Aje 💔😂. That’s how I quickly freshen up then round her up cos my woman is on her way home already so we just headed to one of my padi side that used to gimme babes Norma make we go chill. As guys paro na I gisted him and he immediately told me to go get conc (AGBO) for infection and all so I did and now my question is hope i won’t get contacted with STD or HIV ?😫Do I need to go run tests and ignore d babe cos she’s telling me when next we are seeing will be at hotel room.

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