Conscience 🤧😩

I met this guy in my university shortly after breaking up with my boyfriend it wasn’t love at first sight but I had a harmless crush on him… because he is a fine boy .Well he potrayed himself to be single and we talked almost everytime so i started developing feelings for him all of a sudden to the extent I became so obsessed with him only for me to discover he has a girlfriend in the same university as I am .At first I was thinking of not talking to him because of his babe like why will I still be with a guy that has a babe but I noticed it’s almost impossible for me to live okay without talking to him for a day and it’s because I’m obsessed with him. I started meeting with him and we do stuff that boyfriend and girlfriend does even though I’m not his babe and I’m feeling guilty about it but now I don’t really care about his babe finding out because I’m so in love with him and she is not a nice person sef😒..It’s not my fault tho it’s the guy’s fault he lied to me then make me fall in love with him, now I am not letting him go even if his girlfriend catches us💀😒. I don’t really care again,my mental health is important. So even if his babe finds out all of us has to bear the brunt I shouldn’t be the only one suffering for his mistakes..And I feel like the girl doesn’t even deserve him because she is so toxic💔and I am a calm girl I’m just so the best for him…😩

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  1. Lmao, if she’s “toxic” why didn’t he leave her for you?. Stop deceiving yourself by feeding your mind with the fantasy that he feels the same way. He’s using you to pass some time and for fun. You’re basically his fuck buddy or booty call.
    Do yourself a favour and ask him to define the relationship between the 2 of you.

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