I and my husband divorced about a month now, I woke up today feeling like I’ve done a very big mistake I feel so empty, but there was no loyalty anymore he disrespected me, cheated on me several times to a point of having a child outside our marriage. It wasn’t like this at first because we were broke when we got married, he just changed after he got this deal that made him a millionaire. And he wanted me to quit my job, a job that fed us when we had nothing, and it’s shocking how he moved on like nothing ever happened btw us.
I miss him I won’t lie but, I feel so down😭😭💔

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  1. Would you prefer staying with someone that constantly cheats on you and disrespects you??
    Most men are prone to show their true colors once they make money. And you saw him for who he truly is and made the right decision to leave.
    Cheating is one thing but having a child outside from the cheating is blatant disrespect and disregard to you. If he loved you enough, he’d prevent pregnancy at least.
    You have soo much to live for. Put yourself out there, if you have good friends hang out with them, go out, pamper yourself well.
    When you’re emotionally ready then go back to the dating scene, there’s always someone better out there.

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