Everything changed when he starred treating me like a piece of shit…we started off as friends with benefit, I was still very poor at expressing my feelings. My childhood was really rough, no matter what I said no one would listen…I was with jay for almost 3 years because he was assisting well finically, every time I try to go away he ends up sneaking back into my life one way or the other…the sex was amazing! Orgasms back to back! TF! He won’t let me go and he won’t treat me right! We stopped seeing oct 1st 2022! I got a job! Started working my was off! I would cry to sleep almost night! Got depressed! Went Toto psychosis mode twice! One at a family’s party! The other was at a friend’s hang out! I’m in a better place tho,I was able to realize all my mistakes by not jumping into dating another guy. Took time to work on myself and getting my stuff together! I’m grateful our paths crossed tho! I realized a lot! I don’t need a man to achieve anything….I just need to keep my head and continue striving! It’s all going to be fine in the end !😍🫶🏼❤

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