I wish people would treat us with so much care, same way they treat people with physical illness, some people will never even understand/ like you….it’s mental illness baby. I don’t even pray for my enemy to have this, it hurts, can’t build a relationship, can’t have friends, I barely go out😭. I’m fine a nice body but I can’t socialize, always scared because I know I’ll mess up😭the worse part! I don’t have a family, I’m just on my own, mom died, my sister died, my dads family members 🤦🏽‍♀️. Well I’ll make it and I’ll stare my full story on here….i belive! 🥳 it’s just HARD! really HARD!😔

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  1. I’m also an introvert i barely go out and I don’t have much friends if you need someone to talk to hit me up on Snapchat sadist3177

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