Grateful 🙏🏽

Just reflecting on my early life & struggles. I remember living in an uncompleted house with fam, no toilet so we do shortput. I remember going through sec sch with 1 torn sandals, I remember struggling with school fees in uni days. I remember waiting for ppl to leave canteen so I can buy eba & dodo bcos I couldn’t afford meat. I remember graduation day with some funny suit/shoe. Grateful now I can fly around 🌍, sponsor parents, afford to build a 🏡 for my fam & drive latest car. I write this with tears, grateful heart & motivation for others. I’m still 30 & praying for better days ahead. Don’t give up & don’t do fraud.


  1. Awwwwwn🥺I’m happy for you….I teared up reading this and emphasis on the last line ”don’t do fraud”

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