My boyfriend of 7 months got incarcerated, 3 months into our relationship. It was a little money misunderstanding that required him be bailed out. The bail process which wasn’t supposed to take up to a month, has dragged on into almost 2months. I tried to be his pillar of support for through the turbulence even though deep within me, i was also fighting mental and emotional battles. I couldn’t fully tell my boyfriend about it because i wanted to stay strong for him and i also couldn’t talk to anyone else about how i felt about everything. I bumped into my ex ( our relationship never ended on a bad note, so we still talk and exchange pleasantries from time to time), we hung out a couple of times, and on one of those occasions i broke down, about how the last couple of months had been and how everyday i am mentally and emotionally drained while also trying to stand by him. He understood me like no other and one thing led to another, we had sex. I have been carrying the guilt and feeling shitty about it, since it happened, and he feels the same way too, even though he eventually admitted he still had feelings for me, but i have something good going on for me, and I let my emotions get the best of me. I hope i am able to forgive myself and move past this. My boyfriend is a good person, and this was just a really trying time but i messed it up by breaking a promise and i feel terrible about it.

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